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Iraqi Kurdistan

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Global Voices

6 Feb 10
Armenian farmers lose access to fields in frontier demarcation.
4 Feb 10
Top security official tours region urging residents to express frustrations peacefully, in wake of Pirmagrun riot.
4 Feb 10
Some say diplomatic mission will bring risk of attacks, but others hopeful it will boost city.
4 Feb 10
Hundreds take to the streets in violent protest against poor standard of public services.
4 Feb 10
Shia Muslims defy bombings to mark martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein.
2 Feb 10
Tehran government eases a little but demonstrators brace for new standoff.
1 Feb 10
They say it weakens their role and status at home and in society.
28 Jan 10
Political tensions escalate sharply as parliament and police investigate series of attacks on opposition figures.
28 Jan 10
Multiple explosions raise fears that upcoming ballot will be marred by further attacks.