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Global Voices

12 Feb 10
Critics of demolitions claim political motive behind drive to tear down Saddam Hussein-era monuments.
11 Feb 10
New survey reveals that majority of women in Kurdistan have undergone genital mutilation.
11 Feb 10
Bloodshed highlights concerns about Shia-Sunni violence in the run-up to elections.
11 Feb 10
Campaigners fear poor women in Anbar could be recruited by insurgent groups.
11 Feb 10
Driving the capital’s roads has long been akin to negotiating a deadly obstacle course.
10 Feb 10
Hardline Iranian judiciary likely to execute more dissidents.
10 Feb 10
A series of training sessions help improve skills of reporters, editors and television producers.
6 Feb 10
Insurgents in north take advantage of big arms caches retained by ex-militiamen in contravention of major disarmament programme.