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21 Mar 10
Turkey is pressing the United States for guarantees to block a Kurdish federal entity in northern Iraq.
11 Mar 10
Leaders see themselves as a righteous minority - granting them the right to govern, according to their Shia beliefs.
11 Mar 10
Analysts, politicians concerned over security and power-sharing after parliamentary vote.
10 Mar 10
Sunni militant leader said to lack popular support because of insecurity caused by attacks in Iran’s southeast.
9 Mar 10
Following recognition by Moscow, Abkhaz leadership to seek full international acceptance.
8 Mar 10
Residents of volatile city fear poll turnout will be affected after bloody attacks.
8 Mar 10
Founder of first all-female party wants to press for more women legislators.
8 Mar 10
In unstable regions, many candidates fear they will lose out to rivals with better protection.
7 Mar 10
IWPR report prompts education ministry to amend its new religious education curriculum.
5 Mar 10
Young men are expressing their disillusionment with politics by tearing down posters.