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3 Aug 20
Experts say that a virtual war of words increasingly accompanies the conflict
29 Jul 20
Analysts say the Kremlin is trying to highlight the West’s apparent failure to help its allies
President Dodon met with the head of Moldovan Metropolitan Church, Vladimir on 15 July 2020. (Photo:
28 Jul 20
Religious institutions appear to amplify Russian propaganda as crisis mounts.
Ani Ovannisyan pictured near her base. (Photo: Arshaluys Mghdesyan)
27 Jul 20
State encouraging more female participation in country’s military.
The Statue of Nariman Narimanov in Marneuli. (Photo: Joseph Alexander Smith)
23 Jul 20
For some, Narimanov is an inspirational role model. For others, he was a Communist traitor.
A view from Tiri Monastery.
13 Jul 20
Hundreds of buildings are in dire need of restoration, but arguments continue over who has the authority to carry out works.
Enguri bridge crossing into Abkhazia. (Photo: Tamuna Shonia)
10 Jul 20
Those dependent on services financed by the Georgian government struggle to access care.
An ICU ward treating COVID-19 patients in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo: Aziz Elkhanoglu)
9 Jul 20
Endemic bribery and poor services are hampering the country’s response.
Javid Nabiyev, founder of Nafas rights NGO. (Photo courtesy of J. Nabiyev)
7 Jul 20
Covid-19 crisis puts further pressure on community already facing deep-rooted prejudice.
30 Jun 20
Critics say that officials relaxed restrictions far too early.