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21 Feb 05
Moderate candidate must mobilise those who did not vote if he is to win.
21 Feb 05
From the Berlin Congress to the Ohrid agreement - the pros and cons of western engagement with the region.
21 Feb 05
Bosnia half-heartedly gears up for local elections amid concerns that voter turnout could be low.
21 Feb 05
How tight do the government’s purse-strings have to get before it starts cutting funding to industrial giants?
21 Feb 05
It sounds like a wonderful idea, but the vision of Albanian and Serb children studying under one roof has some people foaming at the mouth.
22 Dec 04
Voters are underwhelmed by the latest test of democracy in their country.
15 May 03
New figures suggest Georgia is losing some of its best people in a massive migration crisis.
24 Oct 02
Independence is at the back of campaigners' minds even if they are not discussing it openly.
24 Oct 02
The opposition's negative campaigning and international pressure appear to have contributed to the pro-independence president's surprise poll triumph.
3 Jul 02
More than forty years after his father died in exile, Leka Zog is back in Albania and is still keen to reclaim his kingdom