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Global Voices

10 Jun 10
Judges refer Darfur arrest warrant to UN Security Council following Sudan’s non-compliance.
27 May 10
Opposition leader and journalists jailed as government resumes newspaper censorship.
20 May 10
Laws on immunity should have been changed, but progress has been disappointing.
29 Apr 10
But many may never recover their financial losses.
11 Mar 10
But uncertainties over land laws prevent them reclaiming property from foreign settlers.
4 Mar 10
But government body lacks funds to fulfil promises to rebuild the region.
18 Feb 10
IWPR project team produces three-part radio series to highlight issue of sexual violence in Darfur.
18 Feb 10
Growing demand among DRC radio stations for Live Hague broadcasts on Katanga case.
20 Jan 10
Rights activists say Sudan’s emergency laws being unjustly applied in the region.
20 Jan 10
An expert panel suggests a hybrid court with Sudanese and international staff.