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10 Nov 05
The arrest of five mercenaries allegedly hired by France to kill Slobodan Milosevic has triggered a flood of bizarre allegations intended to shift the blame for Belgrade's misdeeds onto the backs of the alleged 'assassins'.
9 Nov 05
Legal experts say arbitrary sentencing practices could undermine tribunal’s credibility.
25 Oct 05
After investigating fraud claims for 10 days, election officials announce nearly 80 per cent of voters supported the document.
17 Oct 05
Mixed outcome emerges in Sunni Arab areas, with some saying a resounding “no” to the constitution, but many others a qualified “yes”.
30 Sep 05
Long-awaited abolition of conscript army designed to bring Bucharest into line with its new NATO partners.
16 Sep 05
Striking farmers have built a tent village outside Sarajevo in protest against the regional free trade deals that they say are ruining them.
6 Sep 05
Serbian doomsayers ignore positive developments across the region.
6 Sep 05
Economists and opposition deputies are unconvinced by prime minister's choice of ministers to lead the country out of poverty.
6 Sep 05
Premier's campaign against popular federal bank governor marks final break-up of reformist camp.
6 Sep 05
New customs service management to tackle widespread corruption losing the state millions of euro annually.