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8 Feb 06
Senior ICC official Phakiso Mochockoko tells IWPR about his hopes of bringing to justice those responsible for atrocities in Uganda.
7 Feb 06
The total collapse of the game matches the country's overall decline.
7 Feb 06
South African leader’s reluctance to get tough with Mugabe said to have contributed to Zimbabwe’s demise.
14 Dec 05
A leading journalist and publisher, whose passport has been confiscated by the intelligence services, claims Mugabe no longer holds the reins of power.
9 Dec 05
Gotovina faces charges relating to Croatian army’s capture of rebel Serb territory.
20 Nov 05
Pro-presidential party remains an administrative tool for President Rahmonov rather than a strong ideological voice.
20 Nov 05
Official claims that Business Bank was liquidated for violating laws are being challenged.
20 Nov 05
Wave of violence as ordinary people dispense their own brand of justice against wealthy politicians.
17 Nov 05
Voter turnout in parts of the Shia south was as high as 80 per cent.
17 Nov 05
Religious body says election had no legitimacy, but many Sunnis seem ready to join subsequent political process.