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Global Voices

15 Aug 06
Banknotes have so many zeros that calculators and computers can no longer cope.
23 Jun 06
President rallies church allies at controversial religious gathering.
15 Jun 06
The Central African Republic’s former president may face prosecution at the International Criminal Court.
3 May 06
Foreign investors nervous about Mugabe's plan to place country’s mines in state hands.
30 Mar 06
Some say the charge is too often misused and misapplied, while others insist it is a vital way to protect human rights.
24 Mar 06
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Luis Moreno Ocampo, speaks to IWPR about the first accused to arrive at the court - Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga Dyilo.
24 Mar 06
Being put on a par with Africa’s poorest countries is seen as an affront by many in Kyrgyzstan, but the government may have no other way of managing its debt problems.
9 Mar 06
Human rights conditions in Iraq remains dire, says Amnesty International report.
28 Feb 06
Some believe Arthur Mutambara has the right qualities to bring salvation to a country crippled by a worsening series of political and economic crises.
28 Feb 06
Critics appalled at extravagance of celebration at time when citizens face huge privations.