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5 Aug 10
Visit by Sudanese president shows ICC faces numerous obstacles in apprehending him on war crimes charges.
29 Jul 10
Calls for end to government meddling in affairs of region's traditional leaders.
15 Jul 10
Discussions develop understanding about the importance of the court to the victims it seeks to serve.
15 Jul 10
But experts are divided over whether the new charges will hamper or expedite the Sudanese president's arrest.
13 Jul 10
Calls for Sudanese authorities to end impunity as militias target IDPs trying to cultivate their land.
12 Jul 10
Experts warn that holding election under controversial legislation would be unfair.
12 Jul 10
Opposition parties and observers say voting irregularities undermine integrity of election.
12 Jul 10
Victims of conflict welcome outreach mission, but say more must be done to help them establish their rights before the court.
1 Jul 10
Detainees go on hunger strike after ten months’ imprisonment without charge.