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Global Voices

7 Aug 08
Zimbabwean non-government organisations say their concerns are ignored because they are shut out of political talks.
4 Aug 08
Zimbabwe's independent media say it is in no one’s interests for crucial talks to take place out of the public eye.
22 Jul 08
Friends of Zimbabwe’s government and opposition pressure them to talk to each other.
21 Jul 08
President Mugabe promises to make cheap food available to all - but where will he get the money to pay for it?
19 Jul 08
Behind the bravado, Zimbabwean leadership seems to realise that its narrow escape from sanctions means it is running out of time.
19 Jul 08
Zimbabwean leader appears desperate to shore up support at home in the face of mounting criticism abroad.
14 Jul 08
They hope their backing for Baghdad will help stabilise the country and curb Tehran.
20 Jun 08
South African president’s track-record as mediator inspires little confidence among Zimbabweans as he makes another attempt to forge a deal.
18 Jun 08
New wave of repression as Mugabe prepares for second round of leadership contest.
16 Jun 08
United Nations officials warn ban on NGOs tantamount to human rights abuse.