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16 Sep 08
At remarkable ceremony, dejected-looking Mugabe promises to honour power-sharing deal so nation could begin process of reconstruction.
10 Sep 08
When government banned aid groups from distributing food, people resorted to other ways of surviving.
28 Aug 08
Experts say more specialist care is needed for psychological trauma caused by war.
26 Aug 08
ZANU-PF officials reportedly compounding chronic food shortages by seizing grain delivered to state depot.
26 Aug 08
Residents of remote village say measures taken by authorities to feed poor Zimbabweans are having negligible impact.
22 Aug 08
IWPR trainees in Khartoum reveal how the authorities there sought to engineer protests against the ICC indictement of the Sudanese president.
21 Aug 08
Ten arrested, others flee as corruption inquiry into development projects gathers pace.
14 Aug 08
President honours army top brass including those accused of orchestrating election campaign violence.
13 Aug 08
Zimbabweans say politicians seem too worried about their own futures to think of wider problems.
12 Aug 08
Campaign apparently aimed to make people forget the violence that rocked the country in the three months after the March elections.