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Global Voices

1 Dec 08
Denying entry to international delegation said to have scuppered chance of securing aid.
27 Nov 08
Country’s political leaders are at loggerheads over constitutional reform required for unity government.
27 Nov 08
Zimbabwe said to be facing another poor grain harvest next year because of severe shortages of seed and fertiliser.
27 Nov 08
Delegation of prominent dignitaries hopes to focus spotlight on plight of a nation suffering growing poverty, famine and disease.
26 Nov 08
Former militia members continue to be shunned by their communities, despite traditional justice rituals.
20 Nov 08
Expose of psychological suffering endured by LRA victims assists efforts to raise money for trauma centres.
17 Nov 08
Analysts say only regional states have the power to end escalating crisis, but it is still unclear what measures they can agree on.
11 Nov 08
Regional body remains deeply divided over how to solve country’s political crisis.
6 Nov 08
Industry representatives say political deadlock is resulting in massive financial losses.
3 Nov 08
If judges find prosecutors have disclosed enough evidence, suspended trial could begin, say observers.