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29 May 15
Economic development in Osh seen as way of preventing future conflicts.
29 May 15
Government believes it has done enough to prevent further trouble.
Zainidin Kurmanov. (Photo: Kyrgyz parliamentary press office)
28 May 15
As the public and politicians declare stronger Muslim identity, the challenge is to prevent extremist views from undermining the state.
26 May 15
Firearms often used to stop civilians trying to evade customs controls.
22 May 15
Once a husband decides to make his temporary stay abroad more permanent, there is little that wives can do to secure maintenance.
21 May 15
Prostitution abroad and "labour enslavement" at home are the commonest forms.
21 May 15
Fewer people are paying in so the pension age is going up.
On a see-saw at the SOS Children's Village. (Photo: Jibek Karakeeva. Picture published with kind permission of SOS's Oksana Orozbaeva)
20 May 15
Experts say contrast between care of children in state and private homes has huge impact on their prospects.
President Nursultan Nazarbaev. (Photo: Serik Kovlanbaev)
18 May 15
Keeping everyone guessing helps ensure President Nazarbaev’s position is unassailable.