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27 Nov 15
Four years' absence will make it hard for LiveJournal to claw back its fans.
The Tajik parliament building in Dushanbe. (Phone: Rjruiziii/Wikimedia Commons)
26 Nov 15
Activists move abroad in anticipation of restrictions.
Bridge connecting Afghan border town of Hairatan with Uzbekistan. (Photo: Qayum Babak)
18 Nov 15
Tashkent likely to be more amenable to regional security cooperation, but may still shun formal defence pact.
17 Nov 15
Fewer jobs and a worsening exchange rate hits households supported by expats in Russia.
17 Nov 15
Short of vehicles and staff, emergency services also find city traffic a problem.
17 Nov 15
At least 400 Kazak nationals believed to be in Syria or Iraq.
10 Nov 15
Despite relatively progressive legislation, women still find themselves marginalised.
10 Nov 15
When reservoir levels fall, so does hydropower generation – bad news for consumers at peak usage time.
9 Nov 15
Twitter and Facebook campaigns force legislators to back down on plans for more comfortable seats.
9 Nov 15
Rising instability in northern Afghanistan prompts security rethink.