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30 Jun 00
Once again, the North Caucasus republics are falling under the sway of Russia's generals
23 Jun 00
Even in a republic with long Islamic traditions such as Kabardino-Balkaria, the authorities are deeply suspicious of extremist religious tendencies
16 Jun 00
In a bid to gag the independent media, the local authorities in Prokhladny have illegally established a so-called "Press Service" which has been charged with the censorship of mutinous newspapers
9 Jun 00
With each faction convinced that its superior wisdom and statecraft has won the day, a semblance of normality is returning to Karachaevo-Cherkessia
9 Jun 00
The Russians are questioning Chechen journalist Taisa Isaeva over her alleged involvement in two sensational kidnappings
2 Jun 00
Disillusioned young men in Kabardino-Balkaria are flocking to join the ranks of the security forces which promise them easy money and self-respect.
2 Jun 00
Ethnic disputes between the Karachai and the Cherkess appear to be irreconcilable, raising concerns of new conflict in the North Caucasus.
2 Jun 00
Azerbaijan's rebuff from the Council of Europe is galling to Baku because neighbouring Armenia looks set to be accepted into the organisation's ranks.
26 May 00
It was no coincidence that the Kremlin's threats to bomb terrorist bases in Afghanistan came on the eve of the Minsk security summit
26 May 00
The inhabitants of one remote Armenian village view political shenanigans in Yerevan with the same bemused detachment as they watch American soap operas on TV