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29 Sep 00
Economists have accused the Yerevan government of selling the cream of Armenian industry at bargain-basement prices
22 Sep 00
Georgia's opposition is sceptical that President Shevardnadze's new economic advisor -- former Polish premier Leshek Baltserovich -- can reverse the downward spiral
15 Sep 00
Vicious racist attacks have become an occupational hazard for army conscripts from the North Caucasus - who were once the most respected soldiers in the Russian forces
15 Sep 00
As the Nagorny Karabakh peace talks rumble on, the enclave's frustrated president feels he is being left out in the cold
15 Sep 00
The warring heads of Chechnya's puppet administration have tried the Kremlin's patience to breaking point
8 Sep 00
The withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgia inspires mixed emotions across the region
8 Sep 00
Political analysts across the South Caucasus are warning of a "second Nagorny Karabakh" in southern Georgia
1 Sep 00
Moscow continues to regard Kabardino-Balkaria as a potential breeding-ground for Islamic extremists
1 Sep 00
Why the victims of North Ossetia's four-day war remain trapped in purgatory
25 Aug 00
While dozens of institutes across Armenia do their best to provide homeless children with a normal childhood, the prospects for a secure future are bleak