Reporting Health in the Disinformation Age

A Handbook for Journalists, Communicators, and Campaigners

The handbook is a practical resource for journalists and communicators in Sub-Saharan Africa as they counter disinformation and misinformation on a wide range of health issues, including Covid-19.

It is based on the work of IWPR's Africa Resilience Network programme which exposes Covid-19 disinformation in both Nigeria and Kenya. Implemented with Africa Uncensored, Kenya, International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), Nigeria, and the Centre for Information Resilience, UK, the programme tackled some of the conspiracies and untruths pervasive during the pandemic. This work highlights the need for journalists, communicators and activists to build skills for reporting and communicating health information accurately.

Handbook: Reporting Health in the Disinformation Age
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