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The Karabakh Conflict: Rising Above the Fray

IWPR discussion facilitates rare opportunity for dialogue.

Speakers at an online IWPR roundtable on the Nagorny Karabakh crisis stressed the possibility of co-existence and argued that it was imperative for ordinary people to try and connect despite the ongoing political barriers. 

Moderated by IWPR Caucasus regional director Beka Bajelidze, the event saw Emin Milli, founder of Meydan TV, Richard Giragosian, director of the Regional Studies Center and Laurence Broers, Caucasus programme director at Conciliation Resources discuss the current fighting and hopes for a peaceful resolution. 

“I think that Armenians and Azerbaijanis can coexist and peacefully live together, and you can see this happening in Georgia, Iran and Russia," said Milli. "So it’s not that as some politicians in the region have said that there is ethnic incompatibility – it is possible.”

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