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IWPR Supporting Libyan NGOs

Films make it easy to share valuable educational material anywhere and anytime.
By IWPR Libya

IWPR and Binda Consulting International (BCI) have produced a series of training videos to help civil society groups develop essential skills including fundraising, communications, and proposal writing.

The nine videos, in Arabic, are adapted from a series of trainings that BCI delivered for IWPR’s civil society partners in Libya and are part of the UK government-funded Ante Raeda (You are a Pioneer) project.

Video content is easy to share on computers and mobile devices, which is particularly useful as many of IWPR’s partners are located outside major cities making it difficult for them to travel. Security issues also deter trainers from travelling to them. Thanks to technology, these videos enable CSOs to learn anywhere and anytime.

The trainings were developed based on a scoping exercise IWPR undertook in 2017, which analysed the state of CSOs representing women’s interests in Libya. The findings identified where best to target support and also highlighted that many CSOs in Libya experience similar challenges and can benefit from specific support.

Videos are availble in Arabic below (with English subtitles) and also as a playlist on YouTube.

1. Volunteer Recruitment: The Essentials

2. Communications: The Essentials

3. Fundraising: The Essentials, Module 1

4. Fundraising: Understanding Institutional Donors, Module 2

5. Fundraising: Developing the Pitch, Module 3

6. Monitoring and Evaluation: The Essentials, Module 1

7. Monitoring and Evaluation: The Concepts, Module 2

8. Writing Proposals: The Essentials, Module 1

9. Writing Proposals: How to Write a Concept Note, Module 2

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