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Global Voices: Europe/Eurasia

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Ukraine Justice Report

Ukraine Justice Report provides updated and in-depth coverage of judicial processes taking place across the country. 
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Highlights from IWPR’s Central Asia network of analysis and investigations.

The construction of the Qosh Tepa canal in Afghanistan is causing water shortages in southern Uzbekistan, while in Kyrgyzstan the government is considering the construction of a nuclear power plant. In Kazakstan, conservation activists are working to save the Central Asian tortoise from extinction.

Elsewhere, CABAR delves into the efforts by Central Asian authorities to detect, reduce and prevent statelessness across the region.

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Ukraine Voices

The Ukraine Voices project supports Ukrainian journalists reporting on the Russian invasion of their country.
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Frontline Updates

Unique insights from our network of local reporters and updates from our programmes including our new Ukraine Justice Monitor providing in-depth coverage of judicial processes taking place across the country.
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