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Nagorny Karabakh: The Consequences of International Inaction

The absence of progress in outside mediation has been crucial in spurring Azerbaijan’s military option. 

Justice Processes in Chernihiv

Pre-trial investigations are currently ongoing into some 250 war crimes proceedings.

Nagorny Karabakh Conflict Sparks Political Crisis in Armenia

Rallies called on Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to resign, but the opposition provides no real alternative.

“Yesterday We Struggled to Find Bread, Today We Are Struggling to Live”

Hundreds of people have been killed or injured and thousands displaced following Azerbaijan's military action.

Global Voices: Europe/Eurasia

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Ukraine Justice Report

Ukraine Justice Report provides updated and in-depth coverage of judicial processes taking place across the country. 
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Highlights from IWPR’s Central Asia network of analysis and investigations.

In Kazakstan, ArcelorMittal Temirtau, the country's largest mining company, enjoyed state support for decades. But the death of 46 miners in October brought this backing to an end. Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan, Tajik nationals serving sentences on espionage charges in Uzbek prisons ask for a review of their cases.

Elsewhere, CABAR gets a unique insight into two of the eight Catholic nunneries still operating in northern Kazakstan.

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Ukraine Voices

The Ukraine Voices project supports Ukrainian journalists reporting on the Russian invasion of their country.
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Frontline Updates

Unique insights from our network of local reporters and updates from our programmes including our new Ukraine Justice Monitor providing in-depth coverage of judicial processes taking place across the country.
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