Central Asia

Fears of Mass Return of Migrant Workers

The global economic crisis is beginning to result in job cuts in Russia and other countries where hundreds of thousands of Tajiks have found work, leading to fears they will return home en masse.

17 Dec 08

Make Your Own Power Station

While the focus in Kyrgyzstan is often on ambitious hydroelectric projects like the Kambarata dam, water-powered turbines of more modest proportions are quietly whirring away in the background.

16 Dec 08

Kyrgyz Builders Fear Compatriots' Return

As it becomes clear that Russia will no longer host as many migrant workers as before because of the economic downturn, reporter Almaz Turdubaev investigated how this would impact the job market inside Kyrgyzstan.

15 Dec 08

Worms in the Water

In this report, Malika Aidarova looked at how a village survives without a supply of clean drinking water.

11 Dec 08
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