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Blackouts Hit Children's TB Centre

Rita Borbukeeva reports on the impact the power cuts imposed all across Kyrgyzstan this winter have had on a children’s hospital in Issykkul province in the north of Kyrgyzstan.
By Rita Borbukeeva

The tuberculosis treatment centre for children in the lakeside town of Cholpon-Ata is currently without electricity between two and six in the morning, even though medical experts say it is essential to keep TB patients warm.

A local power company official told IWPR that technically, the facility was a treatment centre rather than a hospital, and was thus not entitled to round-the-clock electricity.

Asked why sanatoria and the presidential residence in Cholpon-Ata did have uninterrupted power, he said the former had paid money in advance, while the latter needed to have the lights on all the time because building work was under way and security systems needed to be powered.