IWPR United Kingdom

48 Gray’s Inn Road,
London WC1X 8LT

TEL +44 (0)20 7831 1030

Located on Gray’s Inn Road by the Holborn area of central London, IWPR’s central office is the base for senior management, European finance and programme oversight and logistics and new business development, with a focus on UK and European donors. IWPR was founded in London as a UK charity, and the office serves as its historic centre.

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Sir David Bell

Former Chair, Pearson Plc and Financial Times

Chair, Int'l Board & UK Governance Committee; US & NL Governance Committees; Chair, Nominations Committee

Simon Hersom

Consultant, Value Retail Plc

Treasurer, UK & NL Governance Committees; Chair, Finance Committee; Nominations Committee

Stephen Jukes

Dean, Media School, Bournemouth University

UK & US Governance Committees; Security & Risk Liaison

UK Governance Committee



The IWPR International Board benefits from expertise and input from additional individuals from countries with human rights concerns. Due to risks, these names cannot be made public. 

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