Petar Lukovic

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Comment: The Great Leap Forward

Serbs are taking the tribulations of their lives in their stride and are learning to love their president ever more dearly.

16 Nov 05

The War Comes Home

You’d have to be insane not to go crazy in Belgrade today: the hip urban capital is now a ghost-town, with only phantom rallies for Milosevic and incredible war mongering on the airwaves. Above it all, the sirens wail.

10 Nov 05

New Serbian Dawn

Up until the last moment, no one knew whether the old despot would slip his noose again. But then the incredible happened.

6 Sep 05

COMMENT: Where Is Ivan?

Bitter friends and family accuse the authorities of failing to investigate a crime at the heart of an evil system.

29 Aug 01

Belgrade Gay-Bashers

Short of enemies to persecute, Serb extremists now turn their bigotry on gays and lesbians.

4 Jul 01

VIEWPOINT: Serbia's New Capital

Serbian citizens are still in denial over war crimes and continue to reject the tribunal. But the engine of change in Serbia - and its greatest hope - is The Hague.

5 May 01
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