Andrii Ianitskyi


Andrii Ianitskyi

IWPR Ukraine editor Andrii Ianitskyi is an economics journalist with more than 15 years of experience. Co-author of the book Privatna Istoriya, about the country’s largest bank PrivatBank, his articles have been published in the British, Russian and Latvian media. He heads the Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union and the Centre for Journalism at Kyiv School of Economics as well as representing the Press Emblem Campaign in Ukraine. A host of the Ukrainian Espreso TV channel, Ianitskyi is also chief editor of Russian-language Dron.Media.

Stories by the Author

State Becomes Main Player in Ukrainian Economy

The war has pushed the national share in the GDP to a record 78 per cent, while excluding oligarchs.

22 Dec 22

Why Ukraine’s Steel Tycoon Closed His Media Empire

Last year’s oligarch law allowed the country’s wealthiest man to discard an unprofitable business without hurting his reputation.

11 Aug 22

Ukraine's Transparency Dilemma

Until February 24, Ukraine was a European leader in open data. Russia’s invasion has made maintaining transparent processes more difficult.

18 Jul 22
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