IWPR Netherlands

Almaatsweg 7,
7856 TJ Benneveld,

IWPR’s Netherlands public benefit foundation enables IWPR to work with the European Commission and other European donors, with a natural focus on the Netherlands and the strong community of partners and supporters for IWPR in Holland. Previously, IWPR maintained a long-standing office in The Hague to support its long-standing international justice programme, reporting on the ICTY and the ICC.

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Anthony Borden

IWPR Executive Director

US & NL Governance Committees; Finance Committee; Nominations Committee

Sir David Bell

Former Chair, Pearson Plc and Financial Times

Chair, Int'l Board & UK Governance Committee; US & NL Governance Committees; Chair, Nominations Committee

Simon Hersom

Consultant, Value Retail Plc

Treasurer, UK & NL Governance Committees; Chair, Finance Committee; Nominations Committee

NL Governance Committee
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