The Institute for War & Peace Reporting is governed by senior journalists, specialists and business professionals. Board committees focus expertise on finance, development and other areas.

IWPR Ambassadors, drawn from the fields of diplomacy, media and business, contribute expertise and extend IWPR’s partnerships and networks of support. All Members serve on the IWPR International Board, to provide strategic guidance, expertise, and outreach assistance.

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Stephen Jukes

Dean of the Media School, Bournemouth University

Member, UK & US Governance Committees

Christina Lamb

Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Sunday Times

Member, UK Governance Committee

Scott Malcomson

Int'l Security Fellow at New America, Media Fellow at Carnegie Corporation

Member, US Governance Committee

George Packer

Author & Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Member, US Governance Committee

Zoran Pajić

Visiting Professor, Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Member, UK Governance Committee

Gillian Tett

US Managing Editor of the Financial Times

Member, US Governance Committee

Sonya Vekstein

CFO, International Science and Technology Center

Member, US Governance Committee

Ramsey Walker

Senior Vice President, Jordan Park

Member, US Governance Committee

International Board
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Miloš’ Warning

US politicians should take heed: fracturing a society is far easier than healing it.
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