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What We Do

Strengthening Accountability

Working with international and local partners, IWPR supports the capacity of civil society and human rights groups to advocate for government and institutional accountability and transparency, with programming designed to reduce corruption, strengthen rule of law, and promote basic rights.

It promotes and publicises the work of international courts and tribunals that support justice and hold individuals and groups responsible for crimes against humanity.

IWPR assists countries and regions in their recovery from conflict and war through support for transitional justice, and helps communities tackle threats by building knowledge, empowering them and supporting citizen activism.


The following is a selection of our programme work on strengthening accountability, broken down by theme:

Civic Advocacy & Participation

Human Rights

  • Human rights investigations in the Philippines deemed outstanding by the UN rapporteur on extra-judicial killings.

  • Helping human rights defenders in five Central Asian states to develop media and public outreach strategies.

  • Practical guides for human rights defenders in Central Asia and the Philippines.

Government Transparency

  • Promoting transparency and combating corruption in the Philippines through education, reporting, training and advocacy.


  • It's Our Money! – a guide for civic groups and journalists in the Philippines trying to reduce corruption and increase government accountability.

International Justice & Criminal Courts

Conflict Alert Systems

  • Improving public understanding of conflict resolution in the Caucasus region.

  • Looking at the causes and effects of conflict in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Transitional Justice

  • Transitional justice reporting – training for journalists, bloggers, and activists in Tunisia.



Overall, our programme activities pursue the following goals:


  • Government works with citizen groups and civil society to communicate more freely and report on financial and legal matters in a more open manner.


  • Government actions are transparent;

  • Communication between officials and citizens is open and respectful;

  • Courts operate fairly and independently.