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What We Do

Building Inclusive Societies

IWPR has supported peace and reconciliation in conflict zones around the world for 20 years. These efforts, along with campaigns and activities that encourage free and fair elections, counter extremism, and enhance the ability of civil society organizations to be effective, are all critical to building societies that value and build on the strengths of all of their peoples, including their women, youth, minorities, and marginalised communities. Societies are most inclusive and cohesive, and strive for the benefit of all citizens, when economies are strong, people are healthy, and the populace is educated. Hence IWPR’s focus on areas like these.


Below are some of the programme activities carried out by IWPR that work towards more inclusive societies:

Peace & Reconciliation

  • Enhancing women’s voices and role in cross-border reconciliation in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  • Strengthening local support for justice and reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia.

  • Women’s Media Initiative in Iraq to strengthen female voices and roles through leadership training and “The Other Half” radio show.

Women’s, Youth & Minority Empowerment

  • Promoting integration of ethnic and religious minorities and refugees in the South Caucasus.

  • Encouraging debate on issues facing women and young people in the Central Asian states.

Free & Fair Elections

  • Enhancing media’s role as an instrument of democracy and tackling obstacles like political interference at election time in Nigeria.

  • Metro newspaper, Metro Iraq Radio, and countrywide training and reporting programme around 2010 election in Iraq.

  • Cellphone news delivering news in Pashto and Dari to Afghan voters.

  • Election reporting guides for Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Africa (general).

Countering Extremism

  • The Open Minds programme shows young people at schools across Pakistan how to discuss and write about current affairs, with the aim of helping them turn away from extremism and form prejudice-free opinions.

Institutional Capacity Building

  • Building communications between grassroots organisations and parliament in Vietnam for better governance.

  • Helping Syrian activists and local councils begin planning for a transition from conflict.

Economic Empowerment, Health & Education

  • Welfare, health and social issues probed in Cuba.



Overall, our programme activities pursue the following goals:


  • Civic groups operate with greater autonomy and can more freely criticise government;

  • Policies are adopted to encourage minority participation.


  • Civil society is accepted as a key component of society;

  • Rights to free assembly and to petition government are codified.