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What We Do

Promoting Free Expression

IWPR builds the skills of professional and citizen journalists working in traditional media – newspapers, magazines, radio and TV – and in social and new media vehicles.

Journalists are trained and mentored to report fairly and objectively with the goal of achieving internationally recognised standards. Reporters, editors, producers, bloggers, and managers learn the value of producing substantive content that informs while helping to define the roles of citizens, civil society, government, the media, business and others in building fair, pluralistic, democratic systems that value and respect the opinions of all constituencies.

Whether in repressive or closed societies, transitional environments, or democratically developing states, IWPR encourages the development and exercise of freedom of expression, assembly and belief, and uses journalism as a tool to advance peace and social justice.


The following is a selection of our programme work in the area of promoting freedom of expression, broken down by theme:

Building Skills

Media Content

Capacity Building for Media Institutions

  • Fostering skills, institutions and reliable media production through extensive programming work in post-2003 Iraq.

  • Building capacity for independent media, citizen reporters and journalists in Syria, through training, equipment provision and forging networks.

  • Media centres to boost independent journalism through training and technical provision in troubled provinces of Afghanistan.

  • Improing news content in Libya by working with media companies and staff in Tripoli, Misrata and Benghazi.

  • Shaping the Germa news agency which covers the under-reported south of Libya.

  • Regional networks of Tunisian journalists and bloggers, internet journalism centres and multimedia websites.

Digital Security

  • Specialised training sessions on digital security in the Arab world backed up by up-to-date – Cyber-Arabs magazine and dedicated website and Facebook page.

Safety in Hostile Environments

Freedom of Expression Law and Policy



Overall, our programme activities pursue the following goals:


  • Citizens are able to trust the objectivity and reliability of content from some media sources;

  • Digital communications are more secure.


  • The media sector is professionalized;

  • Policies to ensure freedom of expression are debated and enacted with public participation;

  • Media output and other communications are not censored.