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Women's rights


7 Jan 15
Female leaders given skills to conceptualise and plan work on political participation and rights.
17 Dec 14
Custom often dictates that boys get an education while girls are left "one step behind", speakers at discussion events say.
1 Dec 14
Literacy rates remain poor in Nangarhar despite adult education programmes.
Edna Auma has run for office in the last two local elections but without success. (Photo: Robert Wanjala)
14 Nov 14
Why female participation in politics is so low in Nairobi’s largest slum.
31 Oct 14
Gender violence said to be rising in secure Bamyan province and falling in war-torn Helmand.
30 Oct 14
Rights activists accuse police of not taking domestic abuse seriously enough.
Koch FM in Nairobi's Korogocho slum tackled the issue of rape and the many obstacles to justice. (Photo: Matthew Rhodes/IWPR)
30 Sep 14
Show highlights failings in the justice process and provides vital information on reporting crime.
Khorog is the administrative centre of Badakhshan, a high-altitude region in southeast Tajikistan. (Photo: Zack Knowles/Wikimedia Commons)
30 May 14
Protests follow police shootout with local man suspected of drug trafficking.
19 May 14
Government seems to equate headscarves with security threats posed by militant groups.