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Women's rights


12 May 15
A trip to the shops turns into an ordeal in an Islamic State stronghold.
8 May 15
President denounces "alien" forms of clothing and his police follow up by issuing warnings to women wearing hijab.
6 May 15
Legal system has been slow to enforce payment orders on wayward ex-husbands.
24 Apr 15
A 100-metre walk home under mortar fire brings a strange sort of indifference.
Hisbah cars patrol the streets in search of anyone who violates the regulations. Photograph: Badeeh Mohammad
22 Apr 15
Woman detained for “crime” of sitting next to male bus driver.
Oinikhol Bobonazarova. (Photo: Galim Faskhutdinov)
17 Apr 15
In the midst of crisis, authorities seem to be prioritising unnecessary, bad laws.
18 Mar 15
Narrow escape for a woman whose “offence” is waiting in a shop while the owner is out at the mosque.
11 Mar 15
A cleric says women’s shelters reflect Islamic values, but some men resent them.
23 Feb 15
Women face great perils just to go about their business in an Islamic State stronghold in Syria.
Hasmik Khachatryan. (Photo: Narek Aleksanyan/Hetq.am)
5 Feb 15
After past failures, campaigners are optimistic that parliament will pass the new legislation this time round.