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Women's rights


4 Sep 15
Khost has an abysmal record on on upholding equal opportunity rules in local government.
26 Aug 15
Some want positive discrimination to start reversing male domination of public life.
Women walk among the rubble of al-Maadi neighbourhood, Aleppo. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
28 Jul 15
A mother forges a strong relationship with her son in the face of divisive family politics.
The market in Gidel, in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Picture from 2012. (Photo: Ilona Eveleens)
11 Jun 15
Local reporters contribute to making shows relevant, and “listener groups” help make sure they are.
5 Jun 15
Simply venturing out onto the streets has become an ordeal for women in Islamic State-controlled city.
5 Jun 15
Despite security worries, a young women insists on going to university.
Women evacuating their houses after an airstrike on the Ansari neighbourhood in Aleppo. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
2 Jun 15
A women fleeing an airstrike is confronted by an Islamic State militant.
21 May 15
Prostitution abroad and "labour enslavement" at home are the commonest forms.
12 May 15
A trip to the shops turns into an ordeal in an Islamic State stronghold.
8 May 15
President denounces "alien" forms of clothing and his police follow up by issuing warnings to women wearing hijab.