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Women's rights


22 Dec 15
Despite some progress, advances in equality have been uneven across the country.
18 Dec 15
Stigma and legal loopholes mean that many women suffer in silence.
10 Dec 15
Fear of retribution means victims feel they have no choice but to stay silent.
Young Georgians show opposition to early marriage, central Tbilisi, November 25, 2015. (Photo: Anano Beriashvili)
7 Dec 15
Parliament bans marriage for under-18s except with court’s assent, but rights activists say this won’t be enough to effect change.
3 Dec 15
Women accused of crimes say they find it hard to talk to male advocates.
28 Nov 15
Mothers may face ridicule and mistreatment if they have daughters rather than sons.
24 Nov 15
Rights and justice issues aired in public meetings and explored in a series of reports.
20 Nov 15
Inhumane punishments are common in areas outside government control.
17 Nov 15
Fewer jobs and a worsening exchange rate hits households supported by expats in Russia.
11 Nov 15
Progress has been too dependent on encouragement from international doors, rather than domestic political will.