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Women's rights


18 May 16
Locals say that only outside intervention can help reduce abuses.
Rural Tajikistan. (Photo: Evgeni Zotov/Flickr)
4 May 16
Disturbing trend sees mothers driven to desperate measures.
Naila Yagublu, chairwoman of the women´s branch of the opposition Musavat party. (Photo courtesy of N. Yagublu)
26 Apr 16
Experts warn that the situation has been getting worse, not better.
13 Apr 16
Event hears how male family members are the ones empowered to make decisions.
13 Feb 16
Event hears that summary justice is often meted out by ad hoc courts.
Women wearing burkas carry shopping down a street in Afghanistan. (Photo: Mohamed Somji/Flickr)
12 Feb 16
''It’s like a cage. I wish men could also be trapped like this so that they would understand how much we suffer.''
The team at Radio Easter in the South Sudanese town of Yei. (Photo: Ilona Eveleens)
3 Feb 16
Contributions come from across the country to ensure broadcasts have nationwide relevance.
Women face daily harassment on the streets of Afghanistan. (Photo: Polar lights/Flickr)
27 Jan 16
Activists say that the problem has reached epidemic proportions.
18 Jan 16
Local campaigners say that they are not invited to political or cultural gatherings.
Two women walk past a school in ruins in Aleppo’s Al-Ansari neighbourhood. (Photo: Hussam Kuwaifatiyeh)
22 Dec 15
"Many have already left Syria, and very soon I will be joining them."