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22 Jul 15
Money supports whole communities, but earning it can destroy families.
9 Jul 15
Strains caused when husbands are absent for months or years.
9 Jul 15
Maternity system examined in IWPR radio show.
30 Jun 15
Returning to families can be as hard as finding work.
People queuing to receive food. (Photo: Yaman Assi)
19 Jun 15
Caught while smuggling food past government soldiers.
2 Jun 15
At the age of 105, a grandmother remains a staunch revolutionary.
26 May 15
The agony of losing children in war-torn Damascus province.
22 May 15
Once a husband decides to make his temporary stay abroad more permanent, there is little that wives can do to secure maintenance.
Desperation drives women to stand outside mosques asking for help. Bustan al-Qasr, Aleppo. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
15 May 15
Facing the trauma of death and disappearance in Idlib.
1 May 15
“I used to daydream about my future.”