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Afghan women prepare to weave a traditional rug. (Photo: Canada in Afghanistan/Flickr)
8 Feb 16
Vocational training programmes prove highly successful in eastern province.
(Photo: Damascus Bureau)
22 Dec 15
Caught in an air raid on Douma.
22 Dec 15
"One second the children were laughing and playing, the next they were lifeless corpses."
22 Dec 15
"I had been taught a cruel lesson that there was no longer space for anger in our lives."
15 Dec 15
A young man's death in conflict destroys his mother's life.
10 Dec 15
Qamar’s life can be summed up in a few words – patience, sacrifice, and generosity.
10 Dec 15
Displaced and bereaved, Qamar kept herself and her family going.
3 Dec 15
Easy access to heroin coupled with poverty creates a growing problem.
30 Nov 15
Thousands attend unregistered madrassas where the government has no control.
18 Nov 15
A young woman's outspoken courage costs her her life.