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18 Nov 15
A young woman's outspoken courage costs her her life.
Still from Syria's Rebellious Women films directed by Zaina Erhaim.
15 Nov 15
Documentaries follow individuals who are determined to make a difference in the face of impossible odds.
Roadsigns urging women to comply with niqab rules. (Photo: Habib Zafi)
11 Nov 15
Female travellers issued with "niqab" veils to avoid trouble at militant checkpoints.
A rally in Tbilisi in support of greater female participation in politics, spring 2015. (Photo: Regina Jegorova-Askerova)
27 Oct 15
Politicians seem prepared to consider a measure that would guarantee women a quarter of seats in the legislature.
14 Oct 15
Untold stories of courage and resilience in the war zone.
1 Oct 15
Thirty per cent quota may not translate into female candidates taking their fair share of seats in October 4 polls.
1 Oct 15
Rural women balancing housework and manual farm labour seen as especially vulnerable to health problems.
4 Aug 15
How women in Idlib kept the Free Syrian Army going.
22 Jul 15
Money supports whole communities, but earning it can destroy families.
9 Jul 15
Strains caused when husbands are absent for months or years.