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25 Mar 15
Women face dangers from government soldiers as well as Islamic rebels.
A rally in Tbilisi in support of greater female participation in politics. (Photo: Regina Jegorova-Askerova)
21 Mar 15
Despite legislative reform, women are still underrepresented in a “macho” world.
19 Mar 15
"We were women brilliant and bright with colour."
17 Mar 15
Women released from government jails face suspicion in their own communities.
16 Mar 15
Women challenge Islamic militants on their arbitrary rules on “modest dress”.
Screening of IWPR and Mebius film documentary "I love SFK" at Cinema City Sarajevo. (Photo: Eldar Spahic)
5 Mar 15
Film follows trials and successes of mixed-ethnicity women’s football team.
23 Feb 15
One woman’s continued support for revolutionaries in the Syrian city of Idlib.
19 Feb 15
Despite the dangers, many women shun trained medical help during childbirth.
26 Jan 15
Problem of young domestic workers and middlemen stealing from clients has become widespread.
25 Nov 14
New initiative aims to reduce mortality rates in remote parts of the province.