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23 Jan 15
New work-permit and passport rules could encourage illegal immigration, but there are higher penalties for those who are caught.
Almut Rochowanski of the Chechnya Advocacy Network. (Photo courtesy of A. Rochowanski)
26 Apr 13
Immigrants imbued with traditional values of masculinity and power can run into problems fitting into a different kind of society.
Yuri Bagrov. (Photo courtesy of Y. Bagrov)
26 Apr 13
As speculation continues on the motives for the Tsarnaev brother’s actions, a journalist from the Caucasus offers a different take on life in the United States.
Tajik workers on a Moscow building site. (Photo: Kirill Kuzmin)
20 Apr 13
Poor grasp of Russian leaves younger migrants unable to fend for themselves.
The "caravan" of mothers looking for children who have disappeared while travelling through Mexico as migrants. (Photo: Vladimir Cortés Roshdestvensky)
20 Nov 12
As Central Americans tour Mexico, a Honduran woman is reunited with her son after nine years.
Local government chief Ashot Dallakyan has seen his village, Getik, depleted by emigration. (Photo: Gayane Mkrtchyan)
22 Jul 11
Impoverished citizens vote with their feet and seek new lives in Russia.