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22 Jul 15
Money supports whole communities, but earning it can destroy families.
5 Jun 15
New rules apply only to employees of Armenia-based companies that sign up to the scheme.
22 May 15
Once a husband decides to make his temporary stay abroad more permanent, there is little that wives can do to secure maintenance.
Oinikhol Bobonazarova. (Photo: Galim Faskhutdinov)
17 Apr 15
In the midst of crisis, authorities seem to be prioritising unnecessary, bad laws.
7 Apr 15
More and more women join exodus in search of work and leave their children behind.
4 Mar 15
Applications dealt with at new centre outside Moscow.
13 Feb 15
Lack of scrutiny enables agencies to deceive prospective seasonal workers.
26 Jan 15
Even the chance of low-paid casual labour is enough to draw people in from the countryside.
23 Jan 15
New work-permit and passport rules could encourage illegal immigration, but there are higher penalties for those who are caught.