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Mina Habib. (Photo: IWPR)
3 May 16
Journalist defies danger and prejudice to seek out stories.
Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca (center) was detained by the regime. (Photo: Ernesto García)
25 Mar 16
Local reporters complain of efforts to silence them.
13 Mar 16
Speakers say that public trust can only be won through a higher degree of professionalism.
30 Nov 15
Thousands attend unregistered madrassas where the government has no control.
Afghan High Peace Council staff at an IWPR training event in Kabul. (Photo: IWPR)
30 Nov 15
Workshop focuses on teaching better ways to communicate with the public.
IWPR debate in Faryab province, November 2015. (Photo: IWPR)
30 Nov 15
Events encourage young people to take part in the political process.
28 Nov 15
Mothers may face ridicule and mistreatment if they have daughters rather than sons.
IWPR debate in Ghor province, November 2015. (Photo: IWPR)
28 Nov 15
Journalists complain that officials continually obstruct their work.
27 Nov 15
Four years' absence will make it hard for LiveJournal to claw back its fans.
24 Nov 15
Rights and justice issues aired in public meetings and explored in a series of reports.