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3 Aug 15
Speakers say religion must play part in determining rights and wrongs of conflict.
(Photo: Dina Tokbaeva)
31 Jul 15
New law seen as restricting media diversity and journalists’ ability to find things out.
Afghanistan's economy needs tax revenues to be able to function, but fraud is common. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
17 Jul 15
National reconstruction depends on the proper payment of dues.
A snow-covered mountain range in Bamyan, central Afghanistan. Rich in natural resources, the province has several iron and coal mines. (Photo: Sgt. Ken Scar/U.S. Armed Forces)
15 Jul 15
Experts say that mismanagement means the country is missing out on revenues.
14 Jul 15
Forums provide important resource for raising public awareness on key issues.
14 Jul 15
Topics discussed in June events ranged from ongoing violence to environmental issues.
10 Jul 15
After years of relative stability, the afghani appears to be in trouble.
23 Jun 15
Debate participants say the National Solidarity Programme's projects are not always well run.
23 Jun 15
Discussion events give people a chance to learn about the state’s obligations to them.
19 Jun 15
Mood of general support for reconciliation with Taleban, in a survey group of around 2,000.