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25 Feb 15
Rising rates of alcohol dependence among young people.
20 Feb 15
Government blamed after patients contracted the disease while undergoing routine operations.
19 Feb 15
Despite the dangers, many women shun trained medical help during childbirth.
25 Nov 14
New initiative aims to reduce mortality rates in remote parts of the province.
9 Oct 14
Officials say a clinic established to treat patients from across the southeast lacks proper funding.
Opium poppies in bloom, Uruzgan province. (Photo: IWPR)
25 Sep 14
Locals call on officials to do more to combat heroin use among young people.
Khost in southeast Afghanistan, where health officials fear a refugee influx could lead to the spread of polio. (Photo: Laura Goodgame, US Air Force.)
22 Aug 14
Health officials say disease had disappeared in Khost province but re-emerged with a refugee influx from Pakistan.
22 Aug 14
Tbilisi looking at ways of ensuring anti-retroviral therapy remains available for those who need it.
Stray dogs present a public health hazard. (Photo: Andrey/Flickr)
11 Aug 14
Khost residents say authorities not doing enough to clamp down on public health threat.
Dr Asya Mardanyan, head of the family medicine centre in Tavush region. (Photo: Lilit Arakelyan)
30 Jul 14
Health ministry plans new strategy to tackle high rates of malnourishment among under-fives.