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20 Nov 15
Handful of medics and volunteers fight to keep healthcare provision going.
17 Nov 15
Short of vehicles and staff, emergency services also find city traffic a problem.
22 Oct 15
Most women in Parwan province are denied medical care during pregnancy and delivery.
21 Oct 15
Officials hope pioneering scheme will help reduce high maternal mortality rate.
12 Oct 15
School psychologists seen as crucial to identifying and heading off suicide risks.
1 Oct 15
Rural women balancing housework and manual farm labour seen as especially vulnerable to health problems.
The General Hospital in Port of Spain, Trinidad. (Photo: IWPR)
16 Sep 15
Healthcare workers on foreign assignments have to hand over much of their pay to the Cuban government.
30 Jul 15
Screening is widely available, although mistakes still happen.
The operating room of the Farmix field hospital. (Photo: Yaman Assi)
8 Jun 15
Under militant rule, doctors flee Deir al-Zor and hospital infrastructure crumbles.
Cuban street traders selling fish. (Photo: Santiago Guaguancó)
28 May 15
For many, a balanced diet with enough fruit and vegetables is just too expensive.