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Project Highlight
29 Jun 20
Event hears that falling oil and gas prices may be a barrier to implementing greener policies.
Farmland in Zabul province is drying up as water resources are drained by privately-dug wells. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)
23 Feb 18
Farmland under threat as access to irrigation decreases.
The Kunar river winds through a valley in the northeastern province. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
23 Jan 18
Government struggles to protect vast areas of woodland.
Amu Darya river. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Bradley Lail/Air Force Photo)
23 Jan 18
Poor infrastructure means that more and more territory is being swallowed up.
(Photo: Tamta Tvalavadze)
28 Aug 16
Campaigners say the authorities are destroying parks under pressure from developers.
EU Delegation to Armenia Ambassador Piotr Switalski.  (Photo: IWPR)
29 Jul 16
Experts discussed rates of cancer, urban development and ongoing EU talks.
14 Oct 15
Critics say environmental and human costs are too high.
Open-cast manganese mine at Rgani. (Photo: Oliko Tsiskarishvili)
18 Aug 15
As locals say air quality is poor and water is unsafe to drink, a mining firm says it’s taking practical steps towards cleaner production.
18 Aug 15
Activists warn that plan might contaminate country’s most important water source.
24 Jul 15
Government says it is mobilising aid but villagers say more is urgently needed.