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Georgian parliament. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti)
7 Apr 13
President loses some powers, but his allies use vote to show they still count.
Georgia’s parliament has moved from Tbilisi to new premises in Kutaisi. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti)
12 Nov 12
Plenty of promises, and warning that officials from previous government could be investigated.
Baghdad protesters demonstrate in support of the anti-Mubarak Egyptian movement last week. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa)
8 Feb 11
But despite anger over ineffective government, there’s little sign of them emulating the North African revolts.
The home of the provincial parliament of Katanga, where opposition members say they are intimidated by supporters of the UNAFEC party of parliament speaker Gabriel Kyungu. (Photo: Nick Hobgood)
2 Jun 10
Legislators in southern province claim that fiery young activists preventing them from voting freely.
15 Feb 10
Political violence at home has given the Zimbabwean refugees a serious image problem in their new homeland.