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A nationwide referendum is to take place in Kyrgyzstan on December 11. (Photo: Igor Kovalenko/IWPR)
12 Nov 16
The upcoming public vote is not proving universally popular.
Kyrgyz Parliament building in Bishkek.
11 May 16
The region’s most progressive democracy is failing to impress ordinary people.
29 Jun 15
Rather than refute human rights criticisms point by point, the government says Armenia is worse.
Emin Huseynov. (Photo courtesy of Mehman Huseynov)
22 Jun 15
OSCE politician says it’s a “sad day” when a civil society leader is forced out by his government.
15 Jun 15
Hosting image-boosting European Games while shutting down human rights criticism hasn't worked, if the aim was positive headlines.
Georgian wine is about to go on sale in Russia after a six-year absence. (Photo: IWPR staff)
17 Apr 13
Six years on from blanket ban, Moscow is wondering whether wine from its southern neighbour might not be so bad after all.
Georgian parliament. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti)
7 Apr 13
President loses some powers, but his allies use vote to show they still count.
Georgia’s parliament has moved from Tbilisi to new premises in Kutaisi. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti)
12 Nov 12
Plenty of promises, and warning that officials from previous government could be investigated.
Baghdad protesters demonstrate in support of the anti-Mubarak Egyptian movement last week. (Photo: Hazim al-Sharaa)
8 Feb 11
But despite anger over ineffective government, there’s little sign of them emulating the North African revolts.