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20 Mar 15
Politics, disputes and feuds mulled over as traditional coffeehouses continue to play central community role.
Dinara Oshurakhunova. (Photo: Vecherny Bishkek)
22 Oct 14
Moves to curb groups seen as too "political" reflect growing influence of Moscow.
Kubanychbek Tezekbaev believes in the pre-Islamic deity Tengri. (Photo: Timur Toktonaliev)
24 Sep 14
State refuses to recognise followers of Tengrism as a religious group.
Aigul Kaptaeva addresses a May 22 discussion organised by IWPR and the Institute for National and International Development Initiatives. (Photo: IWPR)
23 Jun 14
Despite progress on talks to amend upcoming NGO bill, other legislation imposes worrying restrictions.
Natalya Yantsen, director of the Foundation for Building a Culture of Taxation, an NGO in Kazakstan. (Photo courtesy of N. Yantsen)
24 Oct 13
Long-awaited legislation on state funding fails to address issues of concern.
30 Sep 13
Still seen as fairly safe, Jaramana has become a refuge for people displaced by fighting elsewhere.
27 Sep 13
Couples describe difficulty of winning acceptance when they marry across faith divides.
A pilgrim heads slowly for the St Lazarus shrine near Havana. (Photo: Walfrido Lopez Rodriguez/Flickr)
4 Jan 13
Shrine of St Lazarus focus of uniquely Cuban festival.
15 May 12
Concern that those in the north of the country will struggle to meet scheme's stringent application criteria.