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23 Nov 15
Events offer rare chance to speak frankly with officials.
13 Nov 15
Drivers say officers harass them and extort money, instead of making the roads safer.
9 Nov 15
Twitter and Facebook campaigns force legislators to back down on plans for more comfortable seats.
3 Nov 15
Kabul leadership criticised for failing to deliver on election promises.
28 Oct 15
Popular support for a changes intended to make the system more democratic.
15 Oct 15
Embarrassment as plans to buy comfortable seats for parliament have to be shelved.
12 Oct 15
Reaching consensus through discussion has long been a part of the country’s culture.
28 Aug 15
Meeting the people can be scary if you never have to do it.
Dinara Oshurakhunova, director of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society. (Photo: Vecherny Bishkek)
1 Aug 15
Recent detention of senior figures looks good but may not herald a more comprehensive drive to root out corrupt officials.
23 Jun 15
Debate participants say the National Solidarity Programme's projects are not always well run.