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28 Aug 15
Meeting the people can be scary if you never have to do it.
Dinara Oshurakhunova, director of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society. (Photo: Vecherny Bishkek)
1 Aug 15
Recent detention of senior figures looks good but may not herald a more comprehensive drive to root out corrupt officials.
23 Jun 15
Debate participants say the National Solidarity Programme's projects are not always well run.
23 Jun 15
Discussion events give people a chance to learn about the state’s obligations to them.
10 Jun 15
People in Santa Clara complain about massive, unexplained price rise.
1 Jun 15
People lose faith in inefficient and dishonest state judicial system.
Marat Atovmyan heads the non-government Yerevan Anti-Corruption Centre. (Photo: Media Centre, Yerevan)
16 Apr 15
Reforms mean Anti-Corruption Council will include opposition and NGO representatives for the first time, but will still be led by the prime minister.
31 Mar 15
Spokespersons accused of failing to do their jobs.
31 Mar 15
Municipal election rules have never been implemented.
Lusine Sahakyan, a lawyer who represents torture victims in Armenia. (Photo: Media Centre, Yerevan)
25 Mar 15
Human rights defenders sceptical that laws alone will change practice of coercing suspects to confess.