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17 Dec 15
Project encourages public participation in politics.
Afghan High Peace Council staff at an IWPR training event in Kabul. (Photo: IWPR)
30 Nov 15
Workshop focuses on teaching better ways to communicate with the public.
IWPR debate in Faryab province, November 2015. (Photo: IWPR)
30 Nov 15
Events encourage young people to take part in the political process.
Azerbaijani security minister Eldar Mahmudov in better times. (Photo: Azertaj news agency)
26 Nov 15
Bad news – it doesn’t herald a softer line on dissent or a clampdown on corruption.
IWPR debate in Badakhshan province, November 2015. (Photo: IWPR)
23 Nov 15
Events offer rare chance to speak frankly with officials.
13 Nov 15
Drivers say officers harass them and extort money, instead of making the roads safer.
9 Nov 15
Twitter and Facebook campaigns force legislators to back down on plans for more comfortable seats.
3 Nov 15
Kabul leadership criticised for failing to deliver on election promises.
28 Oct 15
Popular support for a changes intended to make the system more democratic.
15 Oct 15
Embarrassment as plans to buy comfortable seats for parliament have to be shelved.