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Zimbabwe Crisis Reports

Joseph Nhlanhla
12 Sep 08
As aid agencies complain of continuing restrictions, desperate families live on maize dropped from passing state delivery trucks.
Yamikani Mwando
10 Sep 08
Tension mounts in rural areas where Mugabe loyalists seem determined to keep him in power.
10 Sep 08
When government banned aid groups from distributing food, people resorted to other ways of surviving.
Chipo Sithole
9 Sep 08
Eight years after controversial land seizures, the country’s once-thriving industry continues to decline.
Mike Nyoni
29 Aug 08
Opposition members’ behaviour is direct challenge to a president who has never endured public humiliation of this kind.
Joseph Nhlanhla
28 Aug 08
Many fear economic recovery is impossible as long as President Mugabe wields the real power.
Benedict Unendoro
27 Aug 08
But election of an MDC member as speaker is major setback for president’s plans to control legislature.
Yamikani Mwando
27 Aug 08
Some say security forces may be behind current impasse in power-sharing negotiations.
Jabu Shoko
27 Aug 08
Sources say Tsvangirai not prepared to play second fiddle to Mugabe in a new government.
Norbert Gogodza
27 Aug 08
Robert Mugabe’s supporters as well as his opponents urge him to do something about the ravaged economy.