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Zimbabwe Crisis Reports

Happiness Chikudo
22 May 08
Already wielding the big stick, the government has eased economic restrictions in hope this will buy votes for Robert Mugabe.
Joseph Sithole
15 May 08
Allegations that cash provided by Zimbabwe’s monetary authority was illegally converted into foreign currency.
Joseph Nhlanhla
14 May 08
Fears that postal ballots cast by uniformed services will be misused.
Jabu Shoko
14 May 08
Recount appears to have been part of a ruling party strategy to force a run-off and make sure Mugabe wins it.
Yamikani Mwando
9 May 08
Relief workers, struggling to reach areas hit by ZANU-PF violence, say conditions rapidly deteriorating.
Jabu Shoko
8 May 08
Violence by ZANU-PF supporters focused in areas where opposition won unexpected support in first-round elections.
Joseph Nhlanhla
7 May 08
Many who can recall pre-independence Zimbabwe said to believe current abuses exceed those of Smith regime.
Wonder Madiro
30 Apr 08
Schools crisis deepens as staff flee reported reign of terror by government loyalists.
Hativagone Mushonga
25 Apr 08
Official sources say it will ensure ZANU-PF regains parliamentary majority and leave Mugabe leading the presidential contest.
Jabu Soko
25 Apr 08
No one wants to buy or sell as long as it remains unclear which way the country is heading politically.