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The Women's Reporting & Dialogue Programme

IWPR is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new project to support female journalists in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Azerbaijan and the North Caucasus.

The Women's Reporting & Dialogue Programme - currently covering non-Arab Muslim countries - will seek to strengthen the capacity of local media and individual journalists to cover gender issues through training and information provision. It also seeks to create a regional network of female journalists whose high-quality output will provide a much-needed source of comprehensive information on gender issues in the regions.

Following two productive round tables events held in Kabul and Bishkek, we held a successful regional conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. This provided a valuable opportunity for journalists participating in the project to share experiences and expertise, as well as receiving training and guidance.

Wahidullah Amani
9 Jan 06
Political sensation Fawzia Gailani dismisses suggestions that her electoral triumph in Herat was down to her looks.
Shahla Abusattar
22 Dec 05
Azeri women say they work twice as hard as men for little reward.
IWPR staff
22 Dec 05
Women are giving birth in unhygienic, poorly staffed maternity clinics.
Aijan Rakhimdinova
22 Dec 05
This age-old tradition is flourishing, but there are fears it turns women into a commodity.
Sadeq Behnam
22 Dec 05
Women who escape domestic troubles are often forced to fend for themselves on the streets.
Nigyar Musaeva
22 Dec 05
Unmarried women who choose to have children face public scorn.
Aziz Mahmoud
2 Dec 05
Many young women who have lived abroad find it hard to adjust to social strictures as well as economic difficulties when they come back to Iraqi Kurdistan.
Hafizullah Gardesh
2 Dec 05
While her husband proclaims his innocence, the death of Nadia Anjuman has attracted international attention to the plight of many women in this country.
Anthony Borden
18 Nov 05
In launching our Women’s Reporting and Dialogue Programme, IWPR looks at a different kind of frontline - the battle women in Islamic countries are waging to define new rights in changing times.